Tiresh / Sherit Levin

Wearable art made of hand-painted silk.

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Spring 2016 Exhibit Location #31  Wheelchair Accessible

First Baptist Church  
848 Beacon Street
Newton Centre
There are multiple artists at this location; see list


I create, one-of-a kind and limited edition scarves, shawls, and pins made from silk velvet. What begins as white solid fabric, is printed with my sketched designs, using a paste that removes the rayon pile of the velvet and leaves it's silk backing, thus creating a burn out effect. The fabric is then dyed, and hand-painted with more permanent dyes, and bleached -until I like it.

I am inspired by nature and the Art Nouveau movement. Handmade means organic design inspired by and rooted in nature. hand-painted patterns, growing and evolving, sometimes accidental and frozen in time. Light creates infinite hues in iridescent fabric. Colors create moods and their combinations tell stories.

Trained as a painter at RISD, I moved to San Francisco as a young artist and found selling crafts I made at street fairs to be an incredibly fun way to pay the rent. My creations are now in boutiques and galleries nationwide. My studio is built in the home, in Newton, I share with my husband and two young children, who sometimes sit beside me and work on their own creative projects.

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